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Monday, 18 January 2021

Further to the requirements of ALINTA Jenema, Gas and Hot Water Systems are also required to meet the Energy Efficiency Targets set by BASIX, under the Energy Sustainability in Residential Developments.

Energy Efficient and Economical design criteria set by ALINTA Jenema and BASIX, is there to help ensure that not only CO2 emissions are reduced, through reduced energy consumption, and in some cases reduced materials, but also ensures correctly sized piping, lagging, and heater packs will benefit the developer and the consumer.

We can offer our experience in designing Efficient and Economical Gas and Hot Water Systems for your next project.

All of our designs meet the requirements of AS5601.


Whilst our main focus is on Gas & Hot Water Systems we also specialize in designing Hydrant & Hose Reel Systems, Domestic Cold Water ( Potable Water), Drencher Systems, and Sewer concept Designs.

We have been providing Trade Waste, Sewer, and Potable water designs for Woolworths Petrol Stations since their inception.