Sunday, 01 August 2021

Gas & Hot Water Systems Design Pty Ltd has performed independent design reviews and Common Factor checks as well as Gas & Hot Water Designs on behalf of AGL, AGILITY and ALINTA since 1996 as their preferred independent design review company.

An estimated 2500-3000 projects have been reviewed and or designed during this period, projects ranging from Medium Density 3 story walk ups ( approx 20-100 units), as well as Multi-Story Developments with up to 300 units in the one building.

Our experience in this field has helped Developers and Contractors reduce their cost of piping material, as well as Plant & Equipment directly through correctly sized piping systems. Correctly sized piping systems allows or aids the thermal efficiency, reducing the chance of over billing on the customers service .

Our drawing presentation is simplistic clear and accurate, and our Isometric Schematics allow the Developer, Contractor and Inspector to clearly understand the piping system that is to be installed.

Although ALINTA Jenema ( Previously AGILITY) no longer provide the design review, Common Factor checks and piping system designs for Developers and Contractors, ALINTA Jenema still require a completed Isometric design along with the Common Factor proving the feasibility of the design and proposed system to be submitted prior to Gas Being supplied to the development.